Go / No Go Specifications 

New to all High School events are the use of the Go/No Go Specifications at the beginning of each scoring rubric.  This is a list of items that must be present in order for the entry to be evaluated.  Please make sure all items are present including the new LEAP Leadership Resume. 

LEAP Leadership Resume 

Every High School competitive event now requires a LEAP Leadership Resume to be submitted. In most events we will not conduct the interviews for semifinalists, as we just do not have the time.  However, judges are encouraged to use the resume as a guideline for questions in any events that do require an interview or questions and answers after a presentation.  The resume templates for individual as well as team events are found at 

Resumes for Mail-in Events 

For High School students making submissions for State Pin, State T-shirt, and onsite Safety Poster it is not required to submit a copy of of a LEAP resume.  Do however make sure that their name and chapter are clearly labeled on the back of the entry. 

Check For Updates On the National TSA Website! 

Technology Problem Solving 

Past examples  of the state contest to help you prepare.  Don't forget your toolkit and safety glasses. 

Alabama Middle School Structural Updates 

The are several revisions to the national TSA rules and guidelines please read through the document carefully.   

Of note, two drawings are to be brought to the conference one to be turned in with the pre built bridge and one to be used for construction onsite.  No drawing will be done onsite.  If you use CAD to draw the bridge it is NOT required to have it on a 1/4" grid paper.  

Also very important is that we will use only CA type glues (Super Glue), thin set is recommended, but you may use thick set (gel) type if you wish. 

Competitors will not be given a supply of wood.  They will draw supplies from the warehouse (recorded) and must return any unused lengths (recorded).  Weight to load ratio is key to winning.  Heavy bridges seldom have the efficiency ratings of lighter bridges.  Glue adds weight too let's not forget.  

Tolerances will be 1/8".  

Aesthetics are not a factor, they are not found on the scoring rubric at all. 

Maintenance is not a factor either.  

Build time will still be 2 1/2 hours. 

Please download the MS Structural Engineering document here. 

Alabama  High School Structural Updates 

The are several revisions to the national TSA rules and guidelines please read through the document carefully.  

Basically all of the above changes to MS Structural apply to HS Structural as well. 

One additional important point:  Competitors will need to construct and bring to the competition (2) carrier/gantry assemblies. One will be used with the testing of the prebuilt structure.  One will be used with the testing of the onsite constructed truss assembly. 

Please download the HS Structural Engineering document here. 

Extemporaneous Speech (Clarification) 

F. Manage the smooth flow of participants according to these procedures: 

1. After having selected a topic, the first participant enters a preparation room that is separate from the speech delivery room and is given fifteen (15) minutes to prepare a speech. 

 The TSA Competitive Events Guide does a poor job of explaining how the competitor is to select their topic.  This is the procedure we will use:  Students will select three topic cards blindly from the deck of fifteen.  After reading the three topics they will choose one (1) to prepare for and keep that card until they enter the room to speak at which time it will be added back to the deck of topics.  The two (2) topics not chosen will be returned immediately to the deck for the next competitor. 

Prepared Presentation High School (Clarification) 

From the Competitive Events Guide: 

B. The topic for the Prepared Presentation event is given to participants twenty-four (24) hours prior to their presentation time.  

I am releasing the Presentation Topic today.  The presentation will center on this year’s conference theme “Defining Your Future”. 

Also, please note that competitors are responsible for their own projector, laptop computer, or similar device.  TSA will provide a projection screen and surge protector/power bar.