PLTW & TSA General Information 

One of the first questions that many PLTW instructors have is, "Do I have to have a TSA chapter?"  The answer to that question is, YES.  PLTW programs and instructors are considered Career and Technical Education programs (CTE) and as a CTE instructor/program in order to satisfy our Business and Industry Certification (BIC) you must have an active Career and Technical Student Organization.  Just as with all of our other programs you must show that you are affiliated with TSA at both the state and national level with a minimum of ten members. 

The second question is generally, "What is BIC and do I have to go through it?"  The answer to that question is, the Business and Industry Certification process applies to all CTE programs so, YES you will go through the process of a general BIC review.  PLTW dropped their certification process in the Spring of 2016.  This is not a bad thing as it now only requires you to go through one review every 5 years instead of two and you are going through a process that is very familiar to directors and all CTE teachers that have been in the classroom for any length of time.  

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